Feedback Day1

Locating, Synthesizing & Publishing
the Best Evidence Available
7th & 8th May 2015 (Thu & Fri)
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Evaluation Form (Day 1)
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Your evaluations and suggestions are valuable for us to review and improve our workshops.
1. Content
2. Presentations
3. Small group discussions
4. Opportunity to ask questions
5. Hand-out materials
6. Location & organisation
1. Explain why a protocol is essential to the systematic review process:
2. Construct a well formulated question:
3. Understand the principles of developing a comprehensive search strategy:
4. Identify the major sources of bias in RCTs and apply critical appraisal:
5. Understand the need to plan the analysis in advance:
6. Be aware of where to find further help and information on the methods of the review: