Training Plan of Cochrane Singapore for 2019

Cochrane Singapore is planning the workshops for the coming 2019. Here is the list of planned workshops:

21 - 23 May 2019 @NTU (one-north Executive Centre)

1-Day Introduction to Systematic Review for Evidence Consumers + 2-Day Basic Cochrane Systematic Review workshop 

11 - 12 & 15 - 16  July 2019 @NUH

2-Day Basic Cochrane Systematic Review + 2-Day Network meta-analysis workshop

5 - 6 August 2019

2-Day Workshop on Health Economic Evaluation Alongside Clinical Studies

Late 2019

2-Day Workshop on Bayesian Meta-analysis Workshop 

 The May workshop is open for registrationYou are welcome to register your interests here for other workshops, and we will inform you the details later on. Thank you very much.